Best 10 Father’s day gift ideas from wife

In this article, i’m gonna be sharing with you some gift ideas for Father’s Day.

I also have a little surprise for you at the end of this article. So if you would like to know more, then keep on reading.

So I’m gonna be sharing with you 10 gift ideas for Father’s Day gifts:

10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift ideas
father’s day gift ideas

Let me get started with gift ideas:

Number “One” is [ Watches ]

I find that watches can be customized, they could be personalized.

You can also get them engraved let’s say with their initials.

Okay, so let me show you the watches I picked up for my dad and my husband. These are something i’ve bought myself they’re not sponsored.

The watch that i bought for my husband is this: Burberry watch. And I’m hoping he’s gonna love this watch, it’s just a leather watch with, you know, the medal in the center and i did something that’s very timeless and classic and still very formal, so this is a watch i bought for my husband.

burberry watch

For my dad, i picked up in Armani watch. It comes in this beautiful black box.

Emporio Armani watch

This is what the packaging looks like and i feel like my dad is gonna love this watch. It’s a stainless steel watch, a little bit of gold not too much but just a little bit of gold in between, and he doesn’t have anything like this so i’m hoping he’s gonna like this watch too now.

Number “Two” is [ Perfumes ]

I find that it’s easier to buy perfumes when you know someone. I did pick up a perfume for my dad and also for my husband.

Let me share with you the ones that i bought for them.

So this is the perfume i bought for my dad, it’s by the brand Hummer.

Hummer Perfume

My dad loves this perfume; it comes in two different scents: one packaging comes in yellow which is this one here and it also comes in red.

There is another perfume i definitely would love to recommend you guys which is this Giorgio Armani perfume. It’s called Acqua di geo Giorgio Armani.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani perfume

This was the first ever perfume bottle that i bought for my husband and it’s till date one of his favorite perfumes.

One thing i do want to suggest when you’re buying the perfume is don’t just go based on recommendations.

When you like to buy a new perfume, what you do is to get a sample and see how it reacts to your skin and how it smells on you.

Number “Three” is buying them a [ Shaving set ] or even a [ Gift set ]

So i’ll show you the gift sets i bought; this is the gifts that i bought for my husband.


It comes with a razor said a body wash or shave gel. This is the brand that he uses.

I’m not hundred percent sure how much this was because i picked this one up a few months ago but i believe it was somewhere around forty or fifty dollars.

For my dad, i bought him this set.


I know he loves this brand. It’s called Axe and they make body washes deodorants and you know a whole bunch of men’s line and i wanted him to try this new line that they came up with which is the Axe black; so i bought him a body wash, a roll-on and a deodorant spray so I hope he likes this.

Number “Four” is buying them a [ Travel bag ]

Especially if they’re traveling or they make frequent work trips or you guys travel a lot, this will be my gift for them and you can also make them personal by getting it engraved.

So this is the travel bag that i picked up and i kind of like how simple and classic this is.

timberland travel bag classic bag

You know it’s just gray and i like this material just because you can easily wipe it and clean it; it’s easier to maintain.

Number “Five” as buying them a [ Wallet ] or a [ Card holder ]

There is so many choices and options available for men’s wallets and card holders.

My dad personally loves a wallet and he prefers that over a card holder. And my husband likes to carry a card holder, and this is the one that i’m gifting at this time. And it’s very simple, very classic and it’s by the brand coach and i believe this one was $60.

card holder

Number “Six” is [ Belts ]

I bought two belts for my husband one is by the brand Dockers which was $14.99. It’s like a dark brown leather; and this one which is by the brand Perry Ellis is a reversible one so it’s black on one side and brown on the other side and this one was 19$.

Dockers belt

Number “Seven” is [ Sunglasses ]

I find if your husband or your dad is into sunglasses, this would be a perfect day to invest and buy them a new pair of sunglasses.

My husband absolutely loved aviators.

These are the ones from Ray Ban and they are perfect for summer and there are just a timeless evergreen color.

Ray Ban SunGlasses

Number “Eight” is [ Clothes ]

For me, this is the easiest gift idea because no matter what the occasion up i always end up buying clothes for my family so i have a few for my husband.

Number “Nine” is buy them a [ Mug ]

Whether they’re into drinking beer or whether they’re into drinking tea or coffee, i find mug can definitely be personalized and it’s a wonderful gift.

I did not pick up a mug. I’ll show you a little bit of an example that my husband bought me last year.

MUG real boss

By the way, i absolutely loved it, it says i’m the real boss and it has a sign of the Queen inside.

How cute is that.

They honestly could be personalized;

You can add your own personal message on that you can pick up a color they like and they are so affordable;  

You can get them for anywhere between $10 to $30.

Number “Ten” is investing in either [ Activities ] or things that they love

Whether it could be golf or it could be just simple barbecue;

Or if they’re into watching movies, so invest in small little things that they already enjoy but give them a little bit extra.

Let’s say they’re into golf and you can buy them accessories or you can get them a golfpass.

If they’re into barbecue, you can buy them barbecue accessories.

Barbecue Grilling Accessories

They could be engraved and personalized as well if they love watching movies or TV you can buy them those wireless sound bars.

So invest in things, invest in small little activities or extracurricular things that they love doing for themselves.

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