Knowing Stress types to Lead a Healthy and Happy Life for New Mom

Not all stress is bad because some stress triggers do-or-die mechanism when in an emergency situation and thus,

it can be said that stress is a part of life in order being a happy and healthy person.

But, stress affects individuals differently.

Of course,

stress is a part of our life but, when excessed, it can lead to certain serious health issues and not to a healthy living.

It’s subjective, so if something is bothering you in excess,

it better to get a stress treatment to overcome a situation and took the best decision for that particular situation.

It is tough, complicated, and confusing for managing the stress as people don’t realize which is good and which is bad.

Let’s go through different types of stress: acute, episodic, and chronic.

Acute stress

This is the most common among all types. Individual experiences when they are required for an immediate response to a new challenge, demand, or event. This is considered as good stress because it triggers a do-or-die mechanism.

This can occur even while riding a rollercoaster or jumping into a haunted house.

Episodic stress

When acute stress is experienced frequently, it is called episodic acute stress. They often make an individual short-tempered, anxious, and irritable;

Thus, it is suggested to get the best stress treatment before the situation worsens. Negative health effects are likely to occur with episodic acute stress.

Often lifestyle and personality issues are so damn entrenched and habitual with these individuals that they start leading such a life and keep blaming their woes on the luck and external factors.

The symptoms of episodic acute stress, are often linked to the symptoms of extended over arousal, migraines, persistent tension headaches, hypertension, heart disease, and chest pain.

Thus, episodic stress treatment requires intervention on a number of levels, which might months to cure.

Only the patient’s will to get rid of the pain and discomfort can them in treatment and on track in the stress recovery session.

Chronic stress

When an acute stress remains untreated and unresolved for long period of time, it becomes chronic stress and demands for a chronic stress treatment, because it doesn’t go away on its own.

Generally, chronic stress occurs due to long-term poverty, unsatisfied job, unhappy marital relationship, family dispute, or a family dysfunctional.

Chronic stress, occurs when a person doesn’t see any way out of the tough situation and finally, they give up on exploring the solutions.

This can leave a detrimental effect on health and life of an individual, and can contribute to certain health issues including:

– Cancer
– Heart disease
– Lung disease
– Cirrhosis of the liver
– Thoughts of suicide or attempting suicide.

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