The 4 Secret Benefits of the Spa Therapy for New Mom

What is Spa ?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined the concept of health as follows:

“More than just the absence of disease and disability, health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. “. Proper use of your “SPA” can help bring you a real sense of well-being.

The origin of the word “Spa” comes from the Latin “Sanitas Per Aquam” meaning “Health by the Waters”,

whose benefits have been known since ancient times.

Nowadays, the word spa is used to designate a beauty and fitness center,

in a luxurious setting whether it is part of a hotel, thermal station spa, a hostel spa or other.

Spa in practice

In practice, the spa, done by a spa therapist, is not always focused on water and its benefits.

Massages of essential oils and scrubs are indeed very widely used by spa centers. To summarize, we will say that the spa is a cluster of all techniques for relaxation.

Unlike thalassotherapy centers that must necessarily be on the coast because they use seawater, spa centers are often located in the city, because they use fresh water.

They are therefore more easily accessible to the greatest number.

The spa can easily become a source of well-being in everyday life.

It erases in a few minutes the stress and fatigue of a long day’s work. This relaxation provided by the hydromassage promotes a deep and restful sleep.

Spa Effects

Indeed, the therapeutic effects of the spa are multiple.

The water, as part of the spa, allows in particular to dissolve and eliminate the toxic substances stored by the body,

to evacuate dead skin and more generally to strengthen the body.

The body is thus relieved of a large amount of waste: the chemicals absorbed by air, water and food, as well as the toxic residues of certain metabolic processes.

This detoxification by the spa results in a general well-being and better mental functions,

the brain being the first organ affected by toxic elements.

The spa is also very useful in the treatment of various skin problems, and also helps relieve various muscle diseases or joint inflammation through its vasodilator effect.

Spa Benefits using hot water

The spa using hot water, which has a dilating effect, lowers the blood pressure and increases the blood supply to the skin and muscles.

It is also possible, as has already been demonstrated in oriental medicine, to reduce or eliminate the pain by properly soliciting certain pressure points on the body.

Another asset of the spa is that the weightlessness of the body in the water is a key element of relaxation and stress elimination.

When immersed in spa water, the body weighs about 1 / 10th of its normal weight, allowing total relaxation.

Spa as a fashion effect

The spa currently benefits from a fashion effect that makes it popular and allows as many people as possible to recognize its benefits, partly through travel agencies organizing “wellness” stays.

It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of the spa at home, by offering a jacuzzi spa or an inflatable spa.

So there you have it- The Secret Benefits of the Spa Therapy. If you want to know more, just send us a message:

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